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Beautiful Color Pastel Art. 

Now with us!

Made To Order Custom Pastel Portraits

Realistic color pastel pencil drawings created from favorite photographs by Susanna Sutus pencil artist. 


Pencil Art Children & Baby Portraits 

Baby Pastel Pencil Portrait

The custom portrait is the most memorable gift for your friends and family!

By using your favorite photograph as reference, I create the personality and character of your favorite people, pets in a hand drawn, realistic style pastel pencil portrait.

Let's create something special and lovely inspired by your own photos.


It takes a different approach sometimes to create interesting kids portraits art. I love to capture those precious moments

Unique Gift Hand Drawn Pastel Pencil Baby Portrait

A color pencil portrait of your child is a beautiful way to capture all of their childhood memories such as the first step, the first day of school, and ...

Children & Infants Art Drawings

 Pastel Pencil drawing is a timeless art form that have captured the hearts of people for centuries. Special memory, gift for Love, Pregnancy & Infant loss.

Pastel Pencil Portraits

Check out our original pencil art ideas for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our graphite studio.

Bring your memories alive! Get your treasured photos transformed into handmade pencil art.

Every story is special.

Get the best deal for Pencil Children & Infants Art Drawings from our online selection at Drawingwings Art by Susanna Sutus


Color Pencil Animal Portraits 

Colored pencil animal portraits are a great way to capture the raw beauty of pets.

If you are looking for a pencil portrait of your pet, we'll be happy to help. 


Pastel Pencil Art Order Form

You can order a different size of a Pastel Portraits, price and shipping are variable according to the size.

Please fill out the content form in this way you can place a different size of your order. We'll inform you the price and shipping.


Email Address*


Order Form

8 X 12 inches 

CA $80 -$120 

12 X 24 inches

 CA $ 120 - $130

16.5 X 24 inches

CA $ 150 - $180


1 subject

 $80 - $120

2 subject   

$150 -$180 

3 subject

4 subject                                                               $ 320


Made to order Custom Pastel Pencil Portraits

 Original Pastel Pencil Art Action Drawing

Custom Pet Portraits Pet Memorial Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait Pet Remembrance

Your memorable moments will be hand drawn on premium grade, heavy weight sketch paper with attention to the finest details.

100% Money Back Guarantee & Free Online Preview

Request any changes after seeing the preview and we will modify your artwork for FREE.

If you don't love your artwork preview we'll refund 100% of your money.

We require all photos to be clear enough so that we can zoom in on the finer details of the face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth. If these areas are blurry or pixelated, it will be hard for us to create a realistic portrait for you.

If you are not sure whether your photo is clear enough , please email us your photo at for a free consultation. After you place an order, we will notify you if we require a better quality photo before beginning your artwork.

You will not be charged until we have a photo of good quality for your order.

All the finished artworks sealed with Krylon fixative spay. It gives a matt finish coating and protect the artwork.

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