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Emma by Susanna Sutus

Children's Book 

My passion is drawing and painting real life moments and actions as well as portraits. Children are a huge motivator for my arts. 

Creating a story behind the moments is a very exciting part that gives the frame of my work. This idea inspired me to create my first book Emma which I made as a birthday present for my dear daughter in law, about our sweet baby granddaughter Emma. It turned out great and I decided to continue creating more children books in the future.


A story about a little girl who is excited to tell you the real life moments of her first years and adventures.

She inspired me to draw this book and I hope  you enjoy her story.

Emma by Susanna Sutus

Introduction for Parents

Portrait of a toddler

Your toddler will love cuddling up with this beautifully illustrated book Emma. This experience will help building a loving relationship between parents and their children. 

Emma invites children and parents to join her exciting and amazing adventures. Her loving character gives a sweet memory of her first years. The book is illustrated with beautiful hand drawn images which brings life to the characters.

Emma's adventure book offers a truly unique and powerful experience for parents and their children. This book is a fun introduction for 

children who start to explore and make sense of their emotions.

Age 2-5

Book Format: Hard Cover 8 x 10 inch ,21 x 26 cm

Total Pages: 40 pages

Language: English

A Story That Brings Back Childhood Memories 

The Idea Was Born

Every family has a few stories to tell. Sharing stories as a family will help your child’s emotional and also encouraging asking questions and learning storytelling.

Emma's adventure book brings back childhood memories to our own life experiences while we’re reading her story and allow children to identify with the character. Stories of other people's lives can impact their own life by helping them better understanding our world.

This book is a fun introduction for Children who start to explore and make sense of their emotions.   

Author Susanna Sutus

"Emma" a  book encourages a life-long love of reading.

This beautiful hand drawn picture book is a unique gift for young children who have questions about their birth and upbringing. Through reading, children learn about people, places and events outside their own experience. They are exposed to ways of life, ideas and beliefs that may be different from those around them.  Emma creates a loving and enchanted bedtime experience for parents to share with their children.


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